Friday, July 13, 2012

Week April 15-20 and Week 22-28 Smash Pages!

I am gonna fast forward my Smash Pages because I am way of overdue!!

The moustache I bought for a presentation for school and I had some left over so I added it to this page to match the Echo Park moustache paper. I love that sheet!

I always have something in my pocket so I added a kraft envelope and put all my junk in it.
Kingston getting a haircut!

We went to the She Crab Soup Fest down at the Oceanfront and it was slightly cold and eventually all that crab and soup got to my tummy and it did not feel good. Afterwards we went to a birthday party where we ate more. oh boy! Wood butterflies by Studio Calico purchased by a fellow twopeas member! Instagram stamp image by studio calico too.

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